Bike Tubes


Bike Tubes for Sale

Mounting inside the casing of a tire, a bicycle tube is a flexible, airtight ring that is typically made from either latex or butyl rubber. Once fitted inside the tire casing, the tube holds the air pressure in your tires.

There will be different size tubes to suit different tires, so refer to the size marked on the side of your tires to see what tube is suitable.

Another consideration when selecting a tube is the valve type. Skinny Presta valves are the common valve on performance bikes, however, the car type Schrader valves are typically found on all kids and entry-level bikes.

Being inexpensive, lightweight and easy to pack down, carrying one or two spare tubes with you on a ride can save the day if you’re stranded with a flat. It’s a far easier and quicker solution than trying to patch an existing tube.

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