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Car Bike Racks for Sale

It doesn’t matter if you’re into mountain, road or leisure biking, the most important thing is getting out and enjoying yourself. Once you get into cycling, you’ll want to take your bike everywhere.Safe, secure transport of your bike is essential and with BikeExchange it’s easy to find a sturdy, dependable car bike rack to suit your vehicle.

Car bike racks generally are not a “one-size-fits-all” product. It’s important to choose an option that both fits your vehicle and meets your transportation requirements. A good way to begin your bike rack selection process is by checking your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You should find important information such as the maximum allowable roof weight and payload limits. You don’t want to overburden your vehicle as this can cause major safety issues. It’s also important to consider whether you just need a rack that can accommodate bikes, or whether it must transport additional items such as kayaks or skis.

If possible, it’s also a good idea to test the rack out to ensure the bike fits properly, especially when purchasing boot or hitch bike racks. As an additional safety precaution, it never hurts to have a little extra space left after attaching or storing the bikes and to secure them with a rope or bungee cord. Car bike racks come in the following configurations:

Tow Hitch Car Bike Rack

Tow Ball and Hitch carriers are ideal for the large majority of vehicles. As long as the vehicle possesses a tow hitch or tow ball, it’s quick and easy to connect the carrier to your car. Whilst these racks should not add any extra height to your vehicle, it will add length and consideration should be given when parking and reversing.

towball hitch car bike carrier

Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Spare Tire Racks and Trunk Mounted Bike Racks come with many adjustment settings, allowing them to fit a large number of car makes and models with or without rear mounted spare tire. Whilst being economical carriers in terms of space-saving, both carriers may offer some difficulties with poor rear view visibility.

If your car doesn’t have roof racks, tow hitch, tow ball or a spare tire, the Trunk Mounted rack is likely for you.

Trunk Car Bike Carrier

Rooftop Car Bike Rack

Car Roof Bike Racks allow the whole bike to be mounted on the roof of your car. Depending on the rack, the front wheel of your bike may need to be removed and placed elsewhere in the car. It is important to note that a Rooftop Car Bike Rack will add substantial height to your car and care must be taken when traveling under low clearance bridges, supports, and car parks. As a positive, unlike most tow hitch or boot racks, roof racks are kept locked to the car and ready for use.

car bike carrier roof