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Fixie Bikes

The term "fixie" is short for fixed gear, and refers to a retro style of bike that has seen a resurgence in popularity. While it is a niche type of bike, there is a significant fixie bike community of people who love the purer style of riding. Fixie bikes are about a deeper connection between rider, machine, and road, unencumbered by technology, cables, or clutter.

But what is a fixie bike? They are bikes with a single gear, but they are different from other single speed options. On standard single speed bikes the gear on the back wheel turns independently of the wheel itself. This means you can freewheel, i.e. stop pedaling while the wheels continue to turn. On a fixie bike, however, the single gear is fixed to the rear wheel. This means that when the back wheel spins - forwards or backwards - the pedals turn. It is a bit like riding a tricycle as a child - you have to pedal constantly.

What you need to know about fixie bikes

Fixie bikes are technically simple bicycles because they don't have the complicated components that make up gears - derailleurs, shifters etc. Some don't even have brakes.

This simplicity should not be mistaken for a lack of quality or ingenuity, however. Fixie bikes are about a particular riding style, and brands such as Pure Fix, State Bicycle Co, Specialized, Zyclefix, and [6KU]9/s/-/6ku) make high quality models that are attractive, durable, and great fun to ride.

Important facts about fixie bikes

The gear on a fixie bike is one of the most important elements. Because you can't change it while cycling, like on a road bike, you have to ensure you get one that matches your riding style and level of fitness. For example, do you have steep hills on your regular cycling routes? If so, are you fit enough to go up the hill, and will you be able to pedal fast enough to get back down?

Advantages of fixie bikes

You might be wondering why someone would choose a fixie bike when alternatives are available that are easier to ride. The answer is freedom, simplicity, and style. When riding a fixie bike you will be closer to the machine than you would be with any other type of bike, and you will become a better and more efficient rider.

The lack of parts also means there is less chance that components will break or fail, and fixie bike riders like the look of their bikes, free from the clutter of cables, levers, sprockets, and gear mechanisms.

Choosing a fixie bike

When looking at a fixie bike for sale, the first thing that you should consider is the gear. After that, select your bike based on the design that you like, and the heritage of the brand.

At BikeExchange you will find regularly updated listings of fixie bikes for sale. We are the online marketplace for everything bike, so our listings are provided by individual sellers and bike shops alike. This means you will get the best possible deal when buying a fixie bike.