Automated Click Fraud Prevention

We analyze traffic behavior across all acquisition channels and apply that analysis to protect those channels.

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Invalid Costs

Protect Ad Investments

Comprehensive Protection

Ensure you only pay for clicks that have a high probability to convert, excluding traffic that we know to be fraudulent or invalid.

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Visible First-Party Data

Opening The Box

All ad clicks are logged for you to see. You own this first-party data, you should have access to it!

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Knowing we had Lunio installed helps us to focus on real users and ROI.

Roxana Ratiu, Som Product

Using Lunio saved us £90,000 per month on advertising spend.

Tom Pickard, Modo25

Analyze On One, Protect On All

Cross-Network Analysis

We use cybersecurity techniques to analyze traffic behaviors on all networks and apply learnings from those analyses to all other networks.

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Privacy First

What's Yours Is Yours

Built with privacy as a given, ensuring compliance with existing and pending privacy regulations across all networks.

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Environmentally Considerate

Not Just Tech

Every month, we plant thousands of trees on behalf of our users to help combat the effects of climate change.

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100m+ Fraudulent Clicks Blocked in 2021.$94,642,677 Total Cost Saved on Invalid Clicks in 2021.36% of Display Ad Clicks were Invalid in 2021.
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Analyze Traffic Behavior

Our cybersecurity experts and data scientists use a combination of location and behavior to determine the threat level of traffic to all your paid acquisition channels.


Centralized Protection

Traffic analysis from one channel can be applied to all, providing a robust layer of ad protection that continuously learns.


Feedback Optimization

High-quality traffic behavior data is fed back into acquisition channels to optimize positive buying signals.


Complete Data Transparency

All click activity from every ad channel is stored as first-party data, together with their threat level, to provide a lake of data to use for further analysis if needed.

"We increased conversion rates by 126% by using Lunio across our campaigns.

Anton Borodatov | Digital Marketing Specialist, Turners Group

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Did We Mention It's Packed Full Of Benefits?

Centralized Analysis And Protection

Invalid audiences from one platform can be applied to all ad platforms in a few clicks. For example, invalid activity on Google can be used to protect your Facebooks ads and vice versa, ensuring you are fully protected.

‘Out Of Box’ Protection

We’ve analyzed billions of clicks so can immediately detect invalid behavior. Start realizing benefits in seconds.

Agency Ready

Many of our clients are digital agencies. We support multi-account and multi-campaign nested administration and reporting.

Automated Behaviour Analysis

Our machine learning technology identifies those behavioral signals that register as genuine. No need to manually fine-tune the system, our AI algorithms are fully automated.

Unrivaled Accuracy

Our machine learning approach diminishes the chances of false positives. We block bots, not humans.

Over 25 Ad Networks Supported

From Google to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Bing, Youtube, Yandex, Naver and many, many more. We've got it covered.


Wait, We Haven't Finished

Quick API Integration

4 minutes is all it takes to get started with Lunio. Deploy one script via your tag manager of choice and you’re good to go.

Dedicated Client Success

We provide every client with a dedicated and friendly Success Manager, who has expertise in the best practices of PPC, as well as our platform.

Enterprise Scalable

With no limit on clicks, impressions, users or campaigns, our cloud technology can scale to any size business, large or small.

Smart Campaigns

Analyze traffic behavior to all your Smart campaigns and feed this back into those campaigns for further optimization.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Either use built-in reporting tools or export all your categorized click data to perform predictive analysis on traffic behaviour.

Privacy and Security Compliant

The platform was built with data privacy in mind. Fully GDPR compliant, we don’t use third-party cookies, and all data is fully encrypted.

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Generate more revenue for less budget. Protect all your paid acquisition channels from invalid traffic in real-time.

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