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Let's Partner And Grow Together

You work with businesses that need to protect their advertising; we specialize in PPC protection - let's help each other.

Building Long-Term Relationships.

Our Partner Program

Aimed at digital agencies, tech companies, influencers, and consultancies who are looking to protect their clients’ advertising, the Lunio partner program is a mutually beneficial partnership that delivers both results and revenue.

If you’re a business that engages with other marketing departments, we’ll reward you for introducing them to us. Not only will you help to protect more paid advertising from invalid traffic, but you’ll earn commission from each and every one. There are also great co-marketing opportunities designed to give value to both parties and their customers.

Earn Up To 20% Revenue Every Month.

What’s In It For You?

Our referral program aims to forge new, mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses that have similar goals to our own. For every referral that becomes a Lunio customer, you’ll receive between 10%-20% of their first-year spend with us. We’ll also generate lead-sharing opportunities for you through our Agency Marketplace.

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What’s Included In The Program?

What Your New Partnership Looks Like

A Generous Monthly Commission.

Earn up to 20% recurring commission for every referral that converts.

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Quality Lead Generation.

You’ll get a free listing in our Agency Marketplace which we constantly promote for you.

Badged Tiers

We have Official, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Level Tiers with increasing benefits and badges.

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Protect Your Own Ads For Free.

We want to make sure you’re protected against invalid traffic too, so we give you full access to our software – on us.

Dedicated Partner Manager.

Every partner is assigned a Partner Manager whose job is to make sure we're both getting value from the relationship.

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Co-Marketing Opportunities.

Joint advertising? Co-hosted webinars? Mutual contact promotion? We have a range of options to help both of us get the message out there.

We’re Focused On Sustainability.

We regularly plant trees to offset the carbon produced by processing our clients’ data.

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What Do Our Current Partners Say?

Our Partner Program

“We believe in Lunio and the difference it can make. And because we believe in the platform, we always recommend it to our clients. Lunio offers a really responsive service, and all our clients are very happy.”

Ahmed Chopdat

Commercial Director, Circus PPC

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