Kids Bikes


Types of Kids Bikes

Designed to encompass the three-16 age range, the following categories are included:

Tricycles: A tricycle is usually a child’s first exposure to cycling. The three-wheeled design does not require a toddler to balance the tricycle.

Balance Bikes: Balance bikes are generally used to teach two to five-year olds how to balance and steer. There are no pedals on this type of toddler bike, so the child must coast and use their feet for braking.

Training Wheel Bikes: Training wheel bikes are equipped with two small wheels on either side of the back tire. The wheels are removed when the child has developed the skill and confidence to ride without them. it's commonly considered now that a balance bike is a more useful training tool than training wheels, with many parents finding that the training wheel phase can be skipped by children who have mastered the balance bike.

Trailer Bikes: The trailer bike is a single-wheel bike that attaches to the rear of a larger bike ridden by an adult. It includes pedals to enable a small child to feel as though he is powering the bike. These are also commonly called a 'Shadow' bike.

Road Bikes: Road bikes are the perfect item if you're looking to do longer rides with your child. They’re available in upright and more aerodynamic riding positions, but will typically require a more developed skill level to use.

Cruiser Bikes: Cruiser bikes are typically flashy riding machines featuring wide balloon tires for traction and stability. They're popular for casual use and are miniature versions of the bikes commonly seen riding along beach paths.

BMX Bikes: While BMX bikes are normally associated with jumping, many kids now prefer them for general riding purposes. BMX bikes are one of the more robust options and a lack of gears makes them quite affordable.

Mountain Bikes: Kids’ mountain bikes tend to be scaled-down versions of the adult models and are usually equipped with front-suspension forks, reliable brakes and multiple gears. This style of bike is the most versatile and commonly available for children from the age of seven.

Kids Bike Sizing

fullpage kids and children bike size chart infograpic bikeexchange

The most important factor to consider is the tire size. The infographic above details general bike sizing for children. However, the best way to tell if the size is right is to have your child straddle the top bar of the bike while standing and observe whether he or she can plant both feet firmly on the ground.

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Boys versus Girls Bikes

Deciding between a boys bike or a girls bike is generally as simple as a color preference. As the most obvious differentiating factor, boys bikes often feature black, red, blue, green or silver color schemes. While the girls bikes will typically feature pink, purple or pastel tones.

In the smaller bike sizes such as 12in and 16in, the boys bikes are typically given motocross-style pads to make them look tougher, while girls bikes are given accessories such as baskets. In larger bike sizes, such as 20in and 24in, the accessories are less common but different frame styles do exist. Here, girls bikes will typically offer improved stand-over height with a lowered top bar for easier riding with a skirt or dress, this design characteristic stems from traditional adult bikes.

If you’re shopping for something more gender neutral, than look to those classified as ‘boys bikes’. There are a number of brands doing great color neutral color schemes.

Kids bikes for sale

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